Q: How long will it take to receive my new hairpiece?


A: If your hair is available at the time of your order, you can expect a 3-4 month delivery time, depending on how quickly you approve of your fit cap and hair sample taking into account the production demand at that time. On rare occasion, there could be further delay due to insufficient hair stock. Freedom Wigs works as efficiently as possible without rushing or delaying any aspect of their process. “All good things take time.” is a proverb that really applies here!

Q: When will I get my fit cap and hair sample?

A: Before the implant stage of the manufacturing process (and the point of no return), Freedom Wigs requires client approval of a plastic fit cap (made from your unique head mold, replicating the scanner measurements) and a hair sample taken from the hair batch gathered and blended specifically for your order. You will receive a mailing from me within 4-6 weeks after placing your order (depending on your hair availability) with instructions on assessing both the fit cap and hair sample. The sooner you get back to me with your approval or questions, the sooner your order will go into the implant queue. You will want to keep both of these important diagnostic tools for possible future reference.

Q: What are your terms of purchase and methods of payment?

A: I require a 50% deposit at the time of our consultation to place your order with the balance due at delivery. I am happy to work with a client who needs to budget out her balance due over the course of the 3-4 month manufacturing time. Once I receive the hairpiece, delivery and final payment must be made within 30 days. I can take credit cards, a check or cash. Once the fit cap and hair sample are approved, the hairpiece cannot be refunded – a custom order cannot be used for anyone else. Should a cancellation become necessary before that time, a $500 fee will be deducted from your deposit and the balance refunded.

Q: Your pricing is determined by hair length, so how does one go about choosing the length of hair to be used in a hairpiece?

A: Our hairpieces are not precut and every hair implanted in your cap is the same length. A newly unwrapped hairpiece will look like it has a lot of long layers of hair because the hair implanted at the top of the head will stop short of the hair implanted just below it and so on moving down the head. This can work to your advantage if your desired hairstyle has any layering in it (pieces of hair that are shorter than the overall length). In that case, you only need to order the length of the longest layer- usually the one at the top. A hairstyle without layering will require you to order hair long enough for the top hair to reach the bottom of your hairstyle. A chin-length blunt-cut bob for example, will need the top hair to drop to the chin, about 10”. Any hair below that level will need to be cut. But that same 10” long hairpiece could look totally different and much longer if the layers were left intact as they would drop well below your shoulders.

Q: What happens during a consultation and how can I best prepare for one?

A: After setting up a consultation with your FW agent, you should start thinking about the type of hairstyle you would like to have. This doesn’t have to be a duplication of what you wore before you lost your hair, although it could be. Look at your hair loss as an opportunity to re-think your hairstyle. Inspiration can come from professional women who need to maintain their public image as in the celebrity and fashion worlds but a more realistic style might be found in female TV journalists. Research digital media or snap an onscreen photo and show it to your agent or stylist. We will be able to guide you toward that style. You will want a current but classic style that feels the most like “you” keeping your lifestyle in mind. This will dictate many of the ordering specifications like length, color, curl pattern and density. After filling out your order form, we will move on to designing your hairline and taking your laser head scan. I always explain the purpose of the fit cap and hair sample that will follow in a few weeks and talk about the care and maintenance of our hairpiece. After an order acknowledgement is singed and a deposit given, we are well on our way to your New Life Hair!

Q: How do I know if the FW Vacuum Prosthesis is the best hair replacement solution for my needs?

A: We at Freedom Wigs always have your best interest at heart and will not attempt to sell you a vacuum hairpiece if you don’t fit the criteria to wear one successfully. You must have total or near-total, long-term hair loss because that is for whom our product was so brilliantly designed. Alopecia Totalis or Universalis is the most common example of this condition but others include conditions that render the hair follicle incapable of sustaining hair growth. Follicular scarring, burn victims, radiation and life-long chemotherapy fall into this category. Those suffering from a “patchy persistent” Alopecia can also wear our product if they are diligent about keeping their regrowth shaved very close to the scalp. The reason for this is simple: the method of achieving a secure fit without the use of tape or adhesives is based on direct contact of human skin to the medical-grade silicone skin of the cap. There is a natural grip that occurs when these two materials come into contact with each other. Only when your hair loss has reached 80% or more of your head hair should this product be considered. A more common hair loss condition known as Female Pattern Baldness ravages the front and top hair primarily and the best choice for this would be a partial hairpiece that will blend into your existing hair and is made to fit your exact area of hair loss. This requires semi-permanent bonding to the skin along with monthly removal and cleaning.