Q: What happens during a consultation and how can I best prepare for one?

A: After setting up a consultation with your FW agent, you should start thinking about the type of hairstyle you would like to have. This doesn’t have to be a duplication of what you wore before you lost your hair, although it could be. Look at your hair loss as an opportunity to re-think your hairstyle. Inspiration can come from professional women who need to maintain their public image as in the celebrity and fashion worlds but a more realistic style might be found in female TV journalists. Research digital media or snap an onscreen photo and show it to your agent or stylist. We will be able to guide you toward that style. You will want a current but classic style that feels the most like “you” keeping your lifestyle in mind. This will dictate many of the ordering specifications like length, color, curl pattern and density. After filling out your order form, we will move on to designing your hairline and taking your laser head scan. I always explain the purpose of the fit cap and hair sample that will follow in a few weeks and talk about the care and maintenance of our hairpiece. After an order acknowledgement is singed and a deposit given, we are well on our way to your New Life Hair!