Hello Seattle! 2019 Lifestyle Video



How do you make attending the annual NAAF (National Alopecia Areata Foundation) Conference held in Seattle, WA this year extra special?  Why not invite our ace photographer/videographer, Lynne Peters, to capture us Freedom Wigs agents taking in the sites of a beautiful new city?  We knew it would be hard to top the fun we had with Lynne two years ago at the Miami conference on a chartered sail boat, but we literally did top it…by way of the iconic Seattle Space Needle!  The incredibly beautiful Chihuly Garden and Glass followed along with lunch and Jody “catching a fish” at the Public Market.  Exhausted yet exhilarated, we finally ending our day in a lovely rain shower at a park overlooking the bay.  Share in the fun by viewing this  7 minute video!

FW agents in attendance (L to R):  Jaine Frank, Stephanie Rogers, Ellie Johnson, Karen Peterik, Jody Gorski, Donna Schillaci, Carla Burran and Kim Caudill.

Freedom Wigs Consultation

Have you been longing for a Freedom Wigs Vacuum Hairpiece and wondered exactly what goes on during a consultation?  Here is a 3 minute peek into that process.  Usually the only question remaining is “How soon can I have my hairpiece?”

Freedom in Paradise – U.S. Agents set sail off Key Biscayne + More

It was wonderful to catch up with good friends over drinks in the Miami hotel that was hosting the NAAF Conference we would be attending later on.  But this morning we decided to up the energy level with a good workout by the pool before heading over to the marina where our Sailboat Charter awaited us.  Could it ever be possible for a Bevy of Beautiful Bald Ladies to go sailing while wearing their hairpieces?  You bet if they were wearing their Freedom Wigs Vacuums!  You’ll see that the stiff wind that sent us racing across the bay in search of dolphins was no problem nor was diving and frolicking in the warm waters.  The More part follows our travel travails while trying to dine at a highly recommended Cuban restaurant.

Salon Experience

Join in the thrill of having a new Freedom Wigs Vacuum Hairpiece colored, cut and styled while picking up some very important tips as Kim Karacz, our Austin, TX Independent Agent demonstrates. I like to compare having a new hairpiece styled to Christmas times 10!

NAAF Conference July 2016

We All Bleed Red – Jim Peterik’s New Lyric Video

When you’ve been a songwriter all of your life, you can’t help but filter world events through your songwriting channels and if the muses are in sync, you respond by writing a song. Through the universal language of music, Jim invites his listeners to join him in processing their thoughts and feelings, no matter how difficult the topic. The Orlando shootings happened to be the catalyst for this song but the overriding topic has to do with people finding love and acceptance in their hearts for all diversities of people who share life on this planet.

For me, Jim’s songs have always had that magical combination of thought-provoking lyrics walking perfectly in step with a catchy melody and chords. This new song is a perfect example of that, so I hope you enjoy the words and the music that came rushing out of the head and soul of my favorite singer-songwriter, my husband, Jim Peterik.