Q: Your pricing is determined by hair length, so how does one go about choosing the length of hair to be used in a hairpiece?

A: Our hairpieces are not precut and every hair implanted in your cap is the same length. A newly unwrapped hairpiece will look like it has a lot of long layers of hair because the hair implanted at the top of the head will stop short of the hair implanted just below it and so on moving down the head. This can work to your advantage if your desired hairstyle has any layering in it (pieces of hair that are shorter than the overall length). In that case, you only need to order the length of the longest layer- usually the one at the top. A hairstyle without layering will require you to order hair long enough for the top hair to reach the bottom of your hairstyle. A chin-length blunt-cut bob for example, will need the top hair to drop to the chin, about 10”. Any hair below that level will need to be cut. But that same 10” long hairpiece could look totally different and much longer if the layers were left intact as they would drop well below your shoulders.