Q: When should I place a new hairpiece order and what do I do with my older hairpieces that can no longer be repaired?

A: After experiencing your first vacuum hairpiece, you will most likely know that this solution is the one that works best for you and you will want to continue ordering them in the future. From my own experience, I’ve found there to be a natural progression with each hairpiece that follows this general lifeline: A new hairpiece will give you approx.2 years of wear before needing a repair. Before that time comes, you will place an order for your second hairpiece. When that one arrives, you send in your first for a repair and when that comes back it takes a backseat to your newest one. It’s still a greatly valued and useful hairpiece, but just not quite as fresh as your newest one. Each new hairpiece takes its place at the top of the hierarchy and becomes your first choice for the more important wear. Over time you will have 3 or more hairpieces and will have allocated some to be worn specifically for exercise, gardening or other less important activities. We give our hairpiece a life span is 3-5 years, but many of our clients continue to make use of a hairpiece much, much longer than that. Even though it may be too old for a repair, you can continue to wear your hairpiece in its current condition for as long as you like. This may mean covering a spot of hair loss with a scarf or hat, but this is a great way to get more wear out of an older hairpiece that you can use for exercise or going to the beach. Once a hairpiece reaches the point where it can longer be worn, don’t feel too bad about disposing of it. It has served you well and you have gotten your money’s worth out of it!