Q: How should I expect to feel at my first styling appointment?

A: Excited but not anxious! You have to trust that you are in good hands but also understand that you must “partner” with your stylist in order to provide her with all of the necessary input to achieve the style you are going for. This brings me to the subject of salon etiquette since so many of us haven’t stepped foot inside a salon in a very long time. Because we wear our hairpiece during the cut, it is easy to blend right in with the other clients in the salon. This is a wonderful feeling, by the way! Our vacuum stylists are extremely confident in their abilities while at the same time, very sensitive to the effect their work will have on our lives. We must show our trust in their capabilities and support their efforts to do their very best work for us. Their task is to take a beautiful, uncut wig and carefully sculpt it into a style that complements your face and pleases your aesthetics. This is not an easy task which is why I mentioned the importance of photos to help you communicate the image you have in your mind. Please understand that haircutting is an art and any art is subjective; we need time to “grow” into our new image. This may mean (but not always) that we leave the salon feeling 90% satisfied with the cut/color and know that we must spend some time with it before making any additional changes. Once the hair is removed, it will not grow back. My experience has been that this is a fairly quick process because the change (and there will always be a change when you first begin wearing your vacuum) is always for the better and you will most likely not feel that any additional work is necessary. If you still feel that some tweaking is necessary after 2 weeks of living with it, then this option is always available to you. When you start getting compliments from your family and friends, you will begin to “see” yourself in a whole different light.