Q: How do I go about finding a qualified stylist?

A: I have several experienced vacuum hair stylists to recommend within my territory as well as those recommended by our other agents outside of it. If you are able to use my stylist here in Burr Ridge, IL, I will be with you for your first styling appointment to coach you on proper placement and suctioning as well as discussing proper care and maintenance. An experienced vacuum stylist will know how to work with your hairpiece including cutting in the all-important fringe hair around the perimeter of the cap. This cutting technique allows us to wear our hair away from our face and off our neck while softening the edge with fine wispy hair that looks like fine, outgrowing baby hair. I’ve found that the most important feature to look for in a stylist is your ability to communicate accurately with her or him. Photos can fill in any gaps in hairstyling lingo so if you have to start new with a stylist who hasn’t cut a vacuum before, begin by talking and developing a “gut” feeling about them. A new vacuum cut should take at least twice the time of a regular cut and remember to always keep it on the long side and creep up from there since there is no turning back. Coloring your hairpiece is a separate service and must be booked as such. Since our hair is virgin, a qualified colorist will know how to work with the color line her salon is affiliated with. At some point during the life span of your hairpiece, you will need to restore the color due to natural fading from UV light. The “foiling” technique works best since it protects our cap from the chemicals used to color the hair. Always follow any color work with a deep conditioning treatment to seal in the color and protect the hair.