Q: How often and what should I use to wash the inside of my cap?

A: Daily cleaning of the inside of our silicone cap is important for several reasons. One is to keep the “pores” of silicone open so that vapor (coming off a heated scalp) can pass through freely. Naturally occurring scalp oil, perspiration and makeup can clog the pores thereby preventing vapor from escaping and small bubbles may form. (This is not harmful to the hairpiece, but could become an annoyance – your agent will tell you how to get rid of them safely.) Having a strong suction requires a clean, dry and non-oily scalp along with direct skin-to-silicone contact (no stubble hair regrowth).  When a cap accumulates scalp oil/perspiration/makeup it will feel slippery when you run your finger inside and will not grip the scalp as well as it was designed to do. This could cause you to keep “checking” your fit which can eventually lead to premature hair breakage – something we all want to avoid. Freedom Wigs recommends cleaning with a simple dish washing liquid such as Dawn to dissolve these impurities. Using Dawn gave me the idea of going all the way with the easily found dish scrubber.  The handle holds the liquid soap which is dispensed with a push and the soft yellow foam scrubber is the perfect size and softness to get the job done thoroughly and gently. Be sure to rinse well and pat dry before wearing.  If you can’t use Dawn for some reason, find an alternative home-made cap cleanser solution in My Favorite Things!