Q: How can I extend the life span of my Freedom Wigs Vacuum Hairpiece?

A: Our hairpieces are designed to look effortlessly beautiful all the while providing us with a several years of dependability and the confidence to live as we choose. Your custom vacuum will quickly become a part of you – a true prosthesis – that you will never want to be without. It is hugely responsible for your personal identity and the way others recognize and relate to you. It also represents a significant financial investment that you will want to protect and care for. As tempting as it is to treat it like real hair that is growing out of your head, we must never be that casual with it if we are to get the most service out of it. A big part of my job is to help you understand what you can and can’t do with your hairpiece in order for it to live a long and healthy life! First and foremost is the issue of sleeping in it. The short answer to that question is Never. Also in this category is napping in a high-back chair, resting the head back in a recliner or any other situation that allows the head to rest on an object. It is vital to keep all forms of pressure and rubbing away from the cap as this will eventually lead to “mechanical breakage” of the hair (the effect similar to bending a wire back and forth enough times until it snaps in two) at the vulnerable implant site on the cap. Another form of pressure can come from your hands if you are not using the right technique for adjusting the fit and suction of your cap. Other obvious problems would arise from wearing a headset, snug visor, scarf or hat. There is just one other behavior to avoid and that is “over-handling” your hair. This can be a pernicious one since it may be totally subconscious to the point where you may have to rely on others to tell you whenever they see you touching your hair. Running your hands through your hair or fluffing it up may feel good but every time you do that, you are causing the hair to bend this way and that which will lead to mechanical breakage and hair loss. We can and must try to prevent this type of damage from occurring as it is the #1 reason for a premature repair.