Q: How can I combat environmental color fading and drying?

A: Look for leave-in conditioners that contain ingredients that act like a sunscreen for your hair as this will help to slow down this inevitable natural process. Usually after a year or so of wear (depending on your lifestyle) you will notice that the top of your hair is especially lighter than the underneath color. If you were to compare your hair sample to this hair, you would see the difference immediately. This sample can be brought to your colorist to help her choose the color to be used for your “low-lights”. Foil low-lights are a great way to restore your color and have a very natural look. Additionally, by using the foiling technique, your cap will be protected from the hair color. Even though our silicone cap is impervious to absorbing color, why put it to the test when using foils is so effective? Color toning is a good coloring option used to remove the unwanted red from your hair. This is a natural process and will happen to all hair colors, so if it bothers you, try to stay on top of it by using a “purple” shampoo and/or conditioner. Always follow any hair coloring with a deep conditioning treatment as this will seal in the color and protect the hair. Low-lights add color back into your hair, not remove it as in the case of highlights, so it will not be as damaging to your hair although it will gradually wash out and need to be repeated at least once a year if not sooner to maintain your rich color.