Yes, Freedom Wigs does accept donated hair but they are very picky about the hair. First, the hair must be healthy, unprocessed human hair that has never been colored or permed.  Second, the hair must be a minimum length of 14″ or longer. There is a waste factor of 3″-4″ due to trimming the bottom split ends and using some of the root end to implant and seal inside the cap. A typical hairpiece will require 15-20 ponytails of hair all matching the exact order criteria. The reason for this is that ponytails contain many shorter hairs that must be separated out – ever notice how ponytails are thicker near the head and much thinner at the tip?  So a typical 14″ long, 1″ thick ponytail will yield 5 much thinner ones measuring 14″, 12″, 10″, 8″ and 6″ in length.  Only the tiny 14″ long ponytail will be saved for the order being gathered.  This process has to be repeated over and over until there is enough hair to make a natural-looking head of hair.  By the way, Freedom does use the left-over hair for the shorter orders which is why there is no need to acquire shorter-length ponytails.

Technique for Cutting Donated Hair 

Part the freshly washed and dried hair into at least 6 ponytails: R-side, L-side, R+L Top-Back, R+L Bottom-Back.  Secure a tight rubber band to the section of hair at the length you wish to cut.  Cut the hair directly above the rubber band so that you have removed a small ponytail and place all of them into a plastic zip-lock bag.  Contact me for the mailing address.